Welcome to my site which is all about the curious me and everything my life revolves around. A quick look into my head should tell you that I feel very strongly about Child Education, Rights of Women, and Alumni Networking. Infection is my favorite word and I am a die hard fan of Google which you can see sometimes when "I'm Feeling Lucky!". :P Currently am a Doctoral Student - Experimental Physicist at the LOASIS Labs. at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory in Berkeley, California doing research on building the next generation of particle accelerators a.k.a. table-top laser-plasma accelerators.

A programmer by passion and an experimentalist by love, I am a foodie and I love Indian food and desserts with the Rajasthani Dal-Bati-Churma and the Motichoor Ladoo & Kulfi-Faluda being my favorite. Besides being crazy about Galbani Fresh Mozzarella, I also like the Häagen-Dazs rum raisin and five mint ice-creams both of which are like happiness frozen in a scoop. Sometimes, I like to make food that is lovable. It is like therapy. When I do so, I feel like an artist with a brush and a canvas. While spices and ingredients substitute for water-colors, I do the rest with my magic wand! I feel that there is nothing that beats an Indian-roti for dinner and believe that after a good day of work, it is important to eat a healthy refreshing finger-licking sumptuous meal for the hard work done during the day. Banana and Peach are my favorite fruits while Prussian-blue, Sangria, and Jade are my favorite colors.

Technology and travel are an important part of my life. While the former is closer to my heart than my lungs, the latter gives me an opportunity to meet great people. The Lenovo (formerly IBM) ThinkPads, particularly the X200 Tablet, the Apple MacBook Air 11", and the Apple iPod Shuffle (3rd Generation) in polished stainless-steel body are my favorite. Apart from reviewing new products, I feel if it is technology, it better be small and light enough to carry around. When working on a ThinkPad, its like even my fingers start to Think! :P

I believe that the world is made of people and not countries. And, people exchange energy in the form of pressure, sound, and electromagnetic waves. This is another story actually! Anyway, we need to educate people, inspire them to think differently, make them do what they love, and make this world a better place. It can be as easy as unbelievable or as hard as making a time-machine. Let your imagination free!

Stay great, stay wonderful!


P.S. Are you a high-school kid? Want to get excited about Science, Mathematics, and Computer Science? Let's Meetup! :)