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DAQ - Data Acquisition
DSP - Digital Signal Processors
FPGA - Field Programmable Gate Arrays
GPIB - General Purpose Interface Bus
LabVIEW - Laboratory Virtual Instrument Engineering Workbench
PLC - Programmable Logic Controller
VI - Virtual Instrument

* Program execution is based on dataflow. Hence functions execute only after receiving the necessary data.
* When a program saves an image (say 1132.png), it should save a log file w/ program settings etc. (say 1132_log.txt)

  • Write programs
  • Employ debugging techniques
  • Manipulate built-in functions and VIs
  • Create and save VIs so as to use them as sub-VIs
  • Design custom graphical user interfaces
  • Save data in a file and display it on a graph or a chart
  • Build applications that use GPIB or serial instruments
  • Create applications that use plug-in DAQ boards
  • Use built-in analysis functions to process data
  • Optimize the speed and performance of programs
  • Employ advanced techniques such as state machines and event structures
  • Control VIs and publish data over the internet or on the WWW using features like built-in web-server and remote panels
  • Create instrumentation applications