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Travel Checklist

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Shaving Razor, Extra Blades, Gel, After-shave Bathroom  
Nail Cutter w/ File Bathroom  
Paper Towels Bathroom  
Toilet Paper Bathroom  
Casual Footwear Clothes  
Google Hat Clothes  
Outdoor Foodwear Clothes  
Bathroom Footwear Clothes  
Passport [Original + Xerox(2)] Documents  
Travel Insurance (Provided by Employer) [Original + Xerox(2)] Documents  
Meetings Notepad Documents  
VISA/s [Xerox(3)] Documents  
VISA Invitation Letter [Original + Xerox] Documents  
Notepad Documents  
Invoices of all electronic equipment carried (particularly notebooks) Documents  
DS-2019 Documents  
Currency Exchange (BoA: Mon-Sat 900-1400) Documents  
Call BoA ATM Fraud Department at 1-877-833-5617 to avoid them block card during international transactions Documents  
University Student ID Documents  
DHS U.S. Customs and Border Protection CERTIFICATE OF REGISTRATION FOR PERSONAL EFFECTS TAKEN ABROAD 19 CFR 148.1; CBP FORM 4457 (06/92) | Document from U.S. Customs certifying that you are carrying multiple laptops which will return back to the United States (keep 1/2 hour for this at SFO) Documents  
Blank Sheets (A4/Letter) (5) Documents  
Wallet (Remove unnecessary membership cards to make space for travel cards) + Must contain a name-address label prominently displayed + Dock Keys Documents  
International Driver's License Documents  
Large Envelopes (3) for Travel Documents Documents  
Spare Envelopes (2) Documents  
Foreign Exchange (USD, Euro, UKP, INR etc.) for all transits and destinations Documents  
Call forwarding on persona, work, etc. phones Documents  
Travel & Health Insurance [Original + Xerox(2)]; Notify providers about visit one fortnight in advance Documents  
Download Offline Google Maps of Destination/s Documents  
Passport Size Photos (4) Documents  
Travel Meeting Contacts Documents  
Backpack Water Bottle Documents  
Tickets for all sectors [Original + Xerox(3)] Documents  
Power Adapter - Apple USB Shuffle Electronics  
Pre-Departure Full Backup - X200T Electronics  
Power Adapter - X200T Electronics  
Power Adapter - Air Electronics  
Pre-Departure Full Backup - Air Electronics  
Blank Media [CDs(3); DVDs(2)] Electronics  
Display Converter (DP-DVI) - Air Electronics  
Ethernet to USB Converter - Air Electronics  
SONY Camera w/ Battery, Charger, SD Card, Case, Strap Electronics  
Display Converter (DP-VGA) - Air Electronics  
Pre-Departure Full Backup on FeynmanX(home) - X200T+Air Electronics  
International SIM Card/s Electronics  
Offline Copy of Cloud - Air Electronics  
Offline Copy of Cloud - X200T Electronics  
iPod Shuffle Electronics  
Ethernet Cable Electronics  
Feynman Drive/s for Backup Electronics  
System Restore Drive - Air Electronics  
System Restore Discs - X200T Electronics  
Kingston Portable USB Drive 8GiB Electronics  
APC Universal Adapter Electronics  
Power Adapter - E50 Electronics  
Lenovo DVD Burner Electronics  
If driving, carry flash drive w/ music + AUX IN cable for car stereo Electronics  
USB Numeric Pad Electronics  
Work Universal Converter Adapter Electronics  
TP Earphones + Y-adapter Electronics  
Apple Superdrive Electronics  
X200T Sleeve + Strap Electronics  
Scientific Graphing Calculator Electronics  
UK: $5 ATM W/drawl fee + 1% Transaction Fee; Barclays: No ATM Fee Emergency  
Cotton + Bandage + Niva Self Powder Emergency  
Advil (Ibuprofen) Emergency  
Medicine Kit Emergency  
GhostCam alignment check Emergency  
Water Bottle Emergency  
Multi-head driver set Emergency  
Chocolates + Snack Bars Emergency  
Crape Bandage Emergency  
Ricola (cough drops) Emergency  
Micro Flash-light Emergency  
Medical Prescriptions Emergency  
Thermometer Emergency  
Vicks Vaporub Emergency  
Travel Emergency Contacts Emergency  
Rain Bag to Cover Backpack Emergency  
Secure & lock Bicycle Luggage  
Paper Cutter Luggage  
Luggage Weighing Scale Luggage  
Ear plugs (3 sets) Luggage  
Wide Tape Luggage  
Maps (Campus, Area, Airport- Hotel, Sightseeing etc.) Luggage  
Luggage Tags + Extra(2) Luggage  
Contact Lenses w/ Mini-Solution Bottle Luggage  
Inflight Shopping Vouchers Luggage  
Umbrella Luggage  
Mini Hand Sanitizer Luggage  
Luggage Keys + Backups Luggage  
Primary Specs w/ Case Luggage  
Lipslave Luggage  
Multiple Locks + Keys (incl. 2 for backpack) + Spare Keys Luggage  
Mini-PostIts Luggage  
Spare Specs w/ Case + Cleaning Tissue Luggage  
Showing 96 items